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Someone do something...please

10,000 people die a month in Dafur, Sudan and no one notices and no one cares. 180,000 over the last eighteen months.
This is only the number of people that die from starvation and disease. This number does not include the violent attacks on innocent refugees, which are estimated at another 70,000.

This number is too incredible to fathom. These are PEOPLE they are not NUMBERS. These are children and mothers and fathers and grandparents.
Let me not even get into the fact that the women are raped before they are murdered.

Why does no one know? Why does no one care? Why isnt anyone doing anything?
UN is supposed to sent peace keeping forces in...well no fucking shit...that could have helped perhaps 20 years ago.

In other news Iran is producing nuclear weapons of the ingrediants to create such. Government officialls have repeatidly told the US that they will not stop. They have used rude and disrespectful language. Ariel Sharon has ALREADY AUTHORIZED THE USE OF UNILATERAL MILITARY FORCE if Iran does not cease.

War might be breaking out.

WHAT IS GOING ON? Why doesnt anyone CARE? Why doesnt anyone WANT TO KNOW?
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